• Appa- Tashi Dorji LP. Released on Bathetic Records March 31st, 2015.
  • Blue Twelve LP. Reissue of Blue Twelve Cassette. Released Feb. 2015 by Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records.
  • Blue Nest Of Larks That Die EP. Solo Guitar. Digital release Dec 5th, 2014
  • Solo Live at ISSUE Project Room, NYC 09/06/14 . Digital Release Oct. 28th, 2014.
  • Number Six is Sacred Cassette. Frank Meadows (upright bass)/Tashi Dorji Duo. Released 26th August, 2014 on Cabin Floor Esoterica
  • Tashi Dorji s/t LP. Released 19th August 2014 on Hermit Hut Records
  • Hermit Hut Limited Cassette . Released August 19th, 2014
  • V Cassette. Released 28th April on Marmara Records, Austin TX
  • Blue Twelve Cassette. Released 29th April 2014 on Blue Tapes, UK
  • Tashi Dorji s/t Cassette. Released 9th November 2013 on Turned Word Records,Belfast ME
  • Tashi Dorji s/t Cassette. Released 22nd May 2013 on Headway Recordings, Asheville NC
  • Songs For Appa Cassette. Self-Released 1st January 2013.
  • Guitar Improvisations Cassette. Released 19th May 2012 on Headway Recordings, Asheville NC.
  • Patang Cassette. Self-released 19th August 2011.
  • All This World is Like This Valley Cassette. Self-Released 14th February 2010.
  • The Yellow Tape. Self-Released 22nd October 2009.

UPCOMING 2015 Releases:

  • MANAS  Duo of Thom Nguyen (Nest Egg, Mendocino) on drums and Tashi Dorji on guitar. MANAS’ Debut LP will be out on Feeding Tube Records, July 7th 2015.
  • MANAS self-titled cassettes double cassette on New Body Tapes from Boone, NC in July 2015.
  • MANAS self-titled cassette on Körper / Leib from Italy in June 2015.
  • Tashi Dorji / Marisa Anderson Split LP on Footfalls Records  2015.
  • Guitar Compilation 7″ on  Cabin Floor Esoterica out fall of 2015
  • Tashi Dorji/Tyler Damon Solo/Duo Cassette. Live at Spot Tavern April 1st, 2015 on Astral Spirits Records, October 2015.
  • Parish/Dorji Guitar Duo LP on MIE Records, Fall 2015
  • Solo Guitar LP on VDSQ
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