” It is a highly personalised reconciliation of modes that negates any particular style while announcing a new talent in solo guitar improvisation” – The Wire, 2014

“You could draw comparisons to such six-string mavericks as Derek Bailey and Bill Orcutt, but the improvised solo pieces here really exist in a universe all their own. Beautiful, otherworldly stuff.” – Aquarium Drunkard

“Dorji’s playing suggests an incredible openness — to technique, to style, to reception — that few possess, whether in music or in art or in life at large” – Wondering Sound
“the range of creative solutions he’s found while trying to avoid the well-worn paths of instrumental guitar music is thrilling”- Pitchfork

“It’s a bit early to say that Dorji is a new, major player. But he definitely is, in the Derek Bailey sense, a player; a man who wants to get in there and work it out, a musician motivated by making music” – Dusted Magazine

 ” A wonderful player, new to me and perhaps to you as well. His attack, while owing bits to everyone from Henry Kaiser to Ben Chasny, is unique and excellent” – Byron Coley, Size Matters
“just an acoustic guitar, but tremendous playing” – The Wire, 2013

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